May 1999

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix 900 in February 1999 and took a lot of snapshots.  Later I purchased a Coolpix 950.  I had taken many snapshots up to this point but it was in May that I began to think about getting serious about photography.

Mount Sterling View

I took this photograph while on a backpacking trip to the top of Mount Sterling in the Smoky Mountains.  The scene is right next to an old abandoned fire tower. The view was marred by a utility wire running diagonally across the frame up to the fire tower.  Your eyes tend to forgive such artifacts in real life but they are an eyesore in a photograph.  I knew I could use the clone tool in Photoshop to remove the wire. (Coolpix 950)

Devil's Den Trail Waterfall

Devil's Den is a state park located in Northwest Arkansas.  Using the Coolpix 950, it is difficult to get a properly exposed long exposure where the running water looks like strands of silk.   This is because there a limited number of f/stops available and you cannot reduce the amount of light coming in enough to maintain the proper exposure at the1/2 second or more shutter needed for the effect.  You can wait for a lower light level by shooting before sunrise or after sunset.

Taken on the Butterfield trail at Devil's den with the Coolpix 950.

The details and focus on this shot are lovely.  Tiny dew drops and the translucent stamens are better seen in the large version. (click on picture)