July 1999

Morning Pier

I was not expecting this picture to be this nice.  There are a couple of things digitally altered on this image.  One, there was a radio tower just to the right of the tree on the left side of the frame which was also reflected in the lake.  It was pretty easy to remove it with the rubber stamp tool in Photoshop.  Some may object to this sort of alteration but I think it improves the picture.  The other thing I changed was to crop out the sun at the top of the frame because I wanted the horizon on a thirds line and because the water was so still, the reflection was almost perfect.  I love the pink spotted reflections directly under the pier.  This image was taken about an hour or so after a disappointing sunrise.  

This is really the only decent picture on this page.

This flower was actually cone shaped but it is hard to tell from this viewpoint looking straight down on it.  It was impossible to get the petals and the stamen both in focus.

An experiment with a close-up and a landscape background.  The camera is not level and nothing is tack sharp but the photo illustrates my amateurish efforts.

This shot has a problem with lens flare around the very bright sun but the underexposure gives a interesting look to the clouds.  For some reason this photo reminds me of an African landscape.

American Bison chewing fresh grass.  I used a flash to get a tiny catch light in his eye which you can see in the large version.