September 1999

Actually, I am fairly proud of every image on this page.  The flaws don't jump out near as quickly now.

Three Trees

This image was taken at Patriot Lake in Shelby Farms before sunrise one morning.  There was a mist on the lake which forms when the air temperature is lower than the water temperature.  These are small trees growing at the east end of the lake.  One of these trees has since disappeared.  You can see the bank and the running track on the opposite shore and another similar tree in the top right corner of the frame.  If the mist is rising heavily on a morning when you have a nice bright sunrise.  About twenty minutes after sunrise, these trees are highlighted against a white, snowy like background.  I saw this once but I have never had my camera at the right time to capture it.

Burning the Mist

This picture, also at Patriot Lake, was taken using a Color Intensifier filter.  The yellow sky is a bit over the top but I still like the contrast between the pinkish fog and the yellow sky.  You can see the top edge of the sun just through the trees on the left third of the frame.  If I squint my eyes, I can imagine the design of a colorful flag divided into horizontal thirds.

Grass and Clark Tower

Memphis has a skyline in East Memphis which is about twenty miles from our downtown.  The two buildings you see are visible from most all parts of Shelby Farms and give the contrast of country combined with a cityscape.  I used a telephoto lens to get a good perspective on the buildings.  The grass is actually quite a ways from my position.  I was hoping to get the buildings in better focus, but this was taken with an aperture of f/22 as it is, not the maximum depth of field but almost.  It is hard to get much depth of field on a telephoto lens.  The colors of the grass were enhanced by a Color Intensifier filter.

Autumn Girl

This is from the same hilltop vantage as the previous picture.  I was concentrating on getting setup to take a sunset picture from this hilltop vantage when I looked up and saw this girl at the bank of the lake.  I worked fast to frame this shot and bracketed three shots.  This is the lowest exposure setting of the three, which really saturated the orange sky.  I must admit I digitally altered this shot by cutting out a wide band of blackness in the middle of the frame.  This allowed me to get the sun closer to the subject.  It still looks very natural.  I call this inside out cropping.  In the larger picture, you can see the girl's pony tail.

Tiger Bug

I found this interesting looking bug in my back yard and took it inside and set it on my keyboard.  I took this shot with my CoolPix 950 using the desk lamp for lighting.  Even the tentacles have stripes.

Tree line and cloud line

Last shot of the day. I had been shooting the sunset and turned around after having packed my gear up and noticed the colors.  I found it particularly interesting how the shape of the clouds followed the same profile of the tree line.  I pulled my camera out again and held it on a fence post to get this shot.