November 1999


Fog Fire

This shot was taken on a cold morning when there was quite a bit of fog rising from Patriot Lake.  I underexposed this picture to get the dramatic, saturated effect you see here.  The rising fog in the distance looks like smoke rising from a fire.  I like the the willow tree in the foreground as a silhouette.  I stood in the cold for a long time waiting for the sun to rise.  I learned from this experience to check the sunrise and set time tables on the Internet before planning when to arrive at a location.  Planning to be at the predetermined location at about 20 minutes prior to sunrise is about right.  Many times, the best light is just before the sun actually rises.  And don't forget to turn around and look behind you.  You might be surprised to discover a beautiful unplanned shot.

Rice Tracks

I was driving back from Little Rock in the late afternoon and I had passed by this rice field before and decided to look for another like it and stop to get a photograph.  It is kind of hard to see something going seventy miles per hour and stop quickly enough with out having to back up quite a ways.  I never did see another opportunity like it the rest of the way home.  I learned a lesson that if you see something that grabs your attention, shoot it then.  You might never get another chance.  A few weeks later I was driving back again, and I decided to stop this time.  The light was not quite the same but I still got a similar shot this time.

I like the abstract graphical shapes formed by the tracks.  The pattern reminds me of some sort of Egyptian hieroglyph or maybe a Greek letter.  I have tried to figure how the tracks were formed and I figure it was by a tractor, but I can't for the life of me figure how the tires would diverge and converge like that!

Earth Shadow

This picture is interesting for the colors in the sky.  The sun is directly behind me and is still about fifteen minutes from rising.  The dividing line between the red/pink sky and the blue sky on the horizon is the terminator of the earth's shadow against the atmosphere.  The sun is shining on the red part while the blue part is in the shadow.  I had actually come to this spot hoping that there would be a fog on the lake and that I could get that snowy white shot I had mentioned on an earlier shot of these trees.

I am discovering that the opportunities for great light situations are fleeting moments and you really need to keep a camera with you and get out a lot to take advantage of those moments.

Fall Color

Searcy Building Lake in Little Rock.  I wanted to go on a leaf hunt but I never made it.  I was fortunate to find this right off the parking lot before heading home on a business trip.

It was on this shot that I really learned how to setup my scanner to get the right colors and how to use Photoshop to make the monitor's image approach the snap of a slide on the light table.  

The geese flying over the lake are a fairly regular thing at Shelby Farms.  Waiting for the sunrise, I caught this one.  The geese are going to be blurred because of the slow film speed, low light level and the their movement.  It works though when they are fairly far away since the eye does not expect them to be in focus at such a distance.

I had my Coolpix 950 on an afternoon hike and saw this back lit leaf.  Yes it was torn up pretty bad but I think that it tells the story of the expected annual cycle of new growth to eventual decay.  Even though this leaf is near its death, you can still see the beauty in the incredible detail of its structure revealed by the translucent light.

On a morning walk in Honduras where I went on a short term mission trip, I noticed these unusual flowers.  This was just a grab shot, but I wished I had been more careful in focusing on the flowers.  The out of kilter composition and the contrasting blue and yellow colors help the picture to work for me.

A friend of mine pointed out how much he liked this picture taken during a automobile tour of downtown Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The man with the banana is the focal point, but the whole picture tells the story of a third world city's daily life.

In an upper room off a downtown alley in a bad section of town, was a delightful spirit-filled church.  These children were sitting in a small alcove off the main worship room during a Saturday evening worship service.