February 2000

I felt like I was running out of things to photograph this month.  I started to look harder at all kinds of things for interesting, unusual, or beautiful subjects.  This can be a challenge in the drab winter months.

Purple Orange Sunset

The colors of a sunset are always fleeting.  This one lasted no more than a minute.  And the details of the pink highlighted clouds lasted for only seconds.

Double Daffodils

I positioned my camera to get the stamens of the flowers to show up and then set the focus on the stamens.  I compromised on the depth-of-field by using an f/11 aperture rather than f/22. This way there would not be enough DOF to bring the background into focus but enough to make most of the flower petals appear sharp.  I verified this by using the depth-of-field preview button on my camera

Since this was taken in the middle of February, it seems that the daffodils are blooming early this year.

Green Post

This fence post was green from the algae growing on it, not from paint. 

I found the symmetry of this tree in the pond to be interesting.  Not only is the tree symmetrical because of the reflection in the water, but it is quite symmetrical left to right as well.

This spool of barbed wire had been here for a while. Notice the volunteer saplings growing up through the wire.

I laid down on the ground to get this perspective of the forest's winter ground cover.

This duck is always alone and hangs out at the same spot.  Perhaps he has been shunned by the others due to his unusual markings.

Toby makes a great companion on our early morning photo shoots at Shelby Farms.

Five o'clock traffic and walking around Patriot lake.

Vine Alive

Just a bit of green amongst all the brown and gray.

Seven Leaves

The color of these leaves attracted me.  In the winter, as a photographer, you get sort of starved for color.  Well not just as a photographer, but I'm sure everyone does.  As a photographer, you really look for color, even in the smallest places.