April 2000

Lots of flowers and other interesting things to photograph this month.

In my back yard before we begin to cut grass, I find weeds that are actually quite pretty.

And for the first time I noticed the wonderful hanging blooms on this tree.

Beautiful pastel colors. When I see this sunset, I think of the Rorschach Ink Blot test.  You know, "What do you see when you look at this?"  The reflection is almost perfect on the still water.  I find it interesting that the sun is white in the sky but reflected yellow and orange in the water.

(O yeah, I forgot, I see a fish with its mouth open)

The deep blue of the post-sunset sky provided excellent contrast to the warm look of the "champagne glasses" at the Memphis International Airport.  I think the diagonal roof line gives this picture good composition.

When I woke up in Kansas City, I saw this sunrise out of my hotel room window.  The building blocking the direct rays of the sun allowed me to get a nice saturated look out of the colors in the sky.  (Coolpix 950)

Flying home from Kansas City later that day, I caught this view out of the airplane window of downtown Memphis and the Hernando Desoto Bridge.  I had just a few seconds to get my camera out, turned on, and framed for this shot. (Coolpix 950)

Walking through the Airport, I new I would not make it outside for the sunset, so I stopped to get this photo of the tarmac with the backdrop of the pink sky.  I did not know it but an airplane was landing and framed perfectly by the two parked aircraft just when I snapped the shot. (Coolpix 950)

The Easter Passion Play was fabulous.  This the final scene showing Jesus on his throne in heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords surrounded by the heavenly hosts.  The saints walked forward to lay their crowns at His feet.

I took several pictures of the play with my Coolpix 950 camera, but because of the lighting, most were blurred since I could not get a fast enough shutter speed to stop the motion. 

Father, mother, and foal; all getting their afternoon snack.

I used a 300 mm lens with a 1.4X tele-extender to get this shot of the full moon.  I had read where most people get the wrong exposure on moon shots since they fail to consider that the moon is an object directly lit by the sun and so requires the sunny 16 rule to expose correctly.  I set my aperture on f/16 and my shutter speed on 1/125 at ISO 200 to get this well exposed shot.  The moon still did not fill much of the frame.  I converted the color shot to black and white by playing with the channel mixer in Photoshop to get the most contrast of the features on the moon.

Mallards at Shelby Farms.


These wild flowers were found at Shelby Farms one afternoon while hiking there with my daughter.  The one on the right I believe is called Bitterweed since it makes horses stomachs upset.  I was fascinated with the almost varnished looked on the shiny leaves.

I fond these flowers at Grandmother's house.  The red one on the left had a velvet look to it which did not make it across in the photograph.

Someone asked me, "Are they dead?"  These horses are apparently quite content taking a nap in the morning.  The horse standing up is napping too.  That is a breeze blowing his tail.

I was attracted to the ground fog on the ponds at Shelby Farms this morning.  By the time the sun rose, the fog had lifted quite a bit.

The water in this pond was so still that it gave a nearly perfect reflection of the clouds and sky as a backdrop to the wild flowers at water's edge.

The dew was heavy and dripping off this grass.  The backlit drops make it almost look like ice.  My pants and shoes were drenched after having walked around in the grass this morning.

I framed this shot to get the diagonal flow of this lone grass stem.

Grass at water's edge looks like I am looking up against a misty sky with the moon in view.  Actually that is not the moon but rather lens flare.  It would be impossible for a full moon to be that high in the sky during the day since it has to be directly opposite the sun to be full.

The storm clouds to the southeast and open sky in the west allow for the afternoon sun to shine through highlighting the Memphis skyline against the dark backdrop.  The vertical lines are the suspension cables of the Hernando Desoto bridge.  Normally you could not stop on the expressway here but one of the lanes was blocked off with construction cones.  I pulled in and framed this shot out my car window between the trucks passing by.

The same afternoon almost to Little Rock, I noticed these rice fields.  I stopped and climbed on top of my truck to get this shot just when there were no trucks passing and when the sun had peeped out to darken the shadows on the shapely dams.

The following flower shots were all taken while traveling home one afternoon from Little Rock.  I found this field of wildflowers on the side of the expressway.