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Devotion Section

Posted by: David Carroll

I have been reworking the devotion section of my site. As you may know, I started this Blog as a way of reading through the Bible in one year and staying accountable to my students for the commitment by blogging a devotional on something I read each day. I did 324 devotions that year so I fell a bit short but enough for a good start on an entire year's worth of bible devotions. So to complete the year, I need to do another 41 devotions. I've got the setup almost like I want it. So far there are place taker devotions titled "New Devotion" scattered throughout where I failed to post back in 2003. So I'll be working on New Devotions to fill in the gaps from time to time. My goal is to get far enough ahead so that someone could get started on reading the Bible through in a year (you don’t have to start on January 1)

So today I wrote the first devotion of the missing ones: A very good place to start. You can also click on the Reading Plan Button to see how that works too. It has a table of links that take you to Bible Gateway.com to present you with the four sections of scripture you are to read each day.

Later, I’ll post some more about how to use the devotion section or make it more intuitive at the same time.


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