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Creation Science in Spanish

Posted by: David Carroll

An exciting thing that came out of one of my meetings this week is that I was asked to teach the Creation Science Course again but to a Spanish audience and have the whole series video-taped to use for training pastors in Central and South America. Actually the video would become part of a whole series of pastor training material of which there are already 96 hours completed.

I know just the right man to translate for me as well. He is Dr. David Harms, a medical doctor who gave up his medical practice to become a missionary to the Honduras people for 25 years. He still knows all the scientific and necessary technology to be able to communicate the technical terminology to a Spanish audience.

I really don’t see any obstacles to this project except that we must ask the Lord to be willing for it to happen.

Thank You Lord for an opportunity like this to help train pastors in the truth of your Creation and your Word.


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