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Bible Study schedule

Posted by: David Carroll

John Stott used the following time allocations dedicated to Bible study:
  • One hour a day
  • One 3 hour period a week
  • One day every month
  • One week every year

I am inspired. I pray I will have the dedication to turn it into action.

FromĀ C.J. Mahaney


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Millie Seatts wrote:
Hi David. Don't think I've forgotten you. I do think of you often and pray that God continues to heal you. I was reading the Bible Study Schedule on John Stott. I now realize I have a long way to go. During the last couple of months while dealing with some personal emotional issues, I too have developed a Bible Study Schedule. One, because we all need to study God's word every day (I pray everyday but I wasn't studying his word everyday) and two, because I felt that God has a plan for me and I don't want to miss out due to my lack of not spending enough time with him. Every morning I read the daily lessons from Joyce Meyer's "Starting Your Day Right", at work I read "Our Daily Bread" and at night I read Joyce Meyer's "Ending Your Day Right". Each book includes a scripture from the bible.On weekends, I read from one to 3 chapters from the bible. Each weekly reading has to do with a suggestion from either James Kennedy or Charles Stanley whom I listen to every weekend. Long time ago my excuse for not reading the bible was that I didn't know where to start. Now I have guidance and enjoy it more. I still feel that I don't worship God enough during the week but I am happy to say that I've never felt better or closer to God. Like I said, I have a long way to go but it is great to feel God's love inside of me.
Millie wrote:
Hi David, I am praying that you get better soon. I know God is watching over you and I know He will not give you more pain than you can bear. Take care of yourself and know that God loves you.

David Carroll wrote:
Millie, you are such an encouragement. I have not told many people why I am so quiet and out of touch these past few months, but I am going through some difficult times physically and mentally. My back is healed, but I have had severe headaches that last about 24-48 hours as much as twice a week for the past three months. On top of all that, I am dependent on some drugs that are complicating matters. Anyway, I know that God has brought me this far and that He will help me though this difficult time too. Anyway, I love you and I want you to know that you have encouraged me at an opportune time just like an angel. I thank God for you.

Your prayers will be answered and are even being answered already!
Millie wrote:
I thank God for you David. I continuously pray for you. God put you in my life and I want to thank Him for giving me such a dear friend. When I think I'm being a pest, you let me know I'm not. It is important to me for you to know that I care for you and love you and I hope God will give you the strength that you will need to get through this painful time. "If one member suffers, all the members suffer with it." -1Corinthians 12:26

Mei wrote:
Hi, chanced upon your blog and like to share about this post on prayer. I keep a prayer journal but though my journal entries are regular, sometimes I feel that they lack the thirst for the Lord. However, recently with decisions in my life that require faith, I find that my prayer life has improved. Will note your prayer requests in my journal, God Bless!
Millie wrote:
Hi Mei, it is so nice to hear from fellow children of God. Keep up the good work. The prayer journal sounds great. I believe anything that has to do with prayer, will always improve our lives and it will bring us closer to God.