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On Guard!

Posted by: David Carroll

DSC_1033Lots of errands to run this morning, but as I stepped onto the back deck I saw this critter. When I would approach him he would raise his hind legs up and hold this tail up in the air as if it were a sword he would attack me with. So this is the guy (among thousands) who has been making all the noise at night. Those crickets are really loud and they have this rhythm when they all get to going at the same time it just magnifies. God really makes some strange creatures and they are everywhere. I don’t see any eyes on this bugger. I think those flat spots on his head are his hearing organs and those antenna have sensory purposes too. Amazing!


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Millie wrote:
David, I don't think I've enjoyed looking at a little critter as I have today. I am definitely not into critters but reading your blog gave me a different perspective. It means you are getting well and that you are on the road to recovery. You are taking time to stop and enjoy life again. Noticing God's presence by a tiny creature, how special is that. My heart is so filled with joy to know that you are doing so much better. I will continue to pray for you and hopefully soon you will be able to do a little traveling. You know, toward the Arkansas border. hint hint
Bernie Brauer wrote:
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