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Comment Spam and Google juice

Posted by: David Carroll

No big deal but I had to shut down the site for about 36 hours while I put some protection in against comment spam.

GooglesearchSomebody evidently found the site and was using it to post a bunch of links to other sites. Nothing trashy as far as I could tell without clicking on the links but still a bunch of gibberish in the comments. The motivation probably was in hopes of getting some “Google juice.” Google’s page-rank system uses a measurement of the number of sites that link to a given site to measure that site’s importance in the Google search results. The more important the site, the higher up in the search list it goes. So it is not only how many sites link to a site being measured for rank but their relative ranks as well. If a high ranking site links to a site, the linked site will increase in stature in Google’s page-rank system.

I’ve had enough high ranking sites link to me so that David’s Bible Blog makes it to the top of the search results for some queries. For example, if you search for “Bible Blog” (click here to try it) I am number two. And if you search for “David Carroll” (again click here to try it) I am number one!


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Roopster wrote:
Your Google ranking is impressive. It's not a bad thing. Some people spend good money to get their sites ranked so highly.
Arnold wrote:

Paul is right getting a high rank on google is very costly this days. I am trying to reach more people, particularly teenagers, with our new ministry and we just can not afford the advertising cost on the web. So good for you. I just came across your blog after searching bible blog through google.

GOD bless you and keep blogging about GOD!

thanks a lot.