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Training Pastors in Nicaragua

Posted by: David Carroll

Walt Morgan is a good friend of mine and is president of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Nicaragua. This week, I am helping Walt raise support for the Seminary among some churches in the Atlanta and East Tennessee area and then back in Memphis later this week.

Here is a brief video introduction to the Seminary:


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Dave Carrol wrote:
Wow... I'm A Dave Carrol too.

I'm have a Bible Blog too...

SLIGHTLY different yet the same. Hmmmm


I honestly am a Dave Carrol
sweet wrote:
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Love and best wishes,
Linda wrote:
What is Walt Morgan's website for the Seminary in Nicaragua
John wrote:
Hi David,

This Seminary looks terrific. I was down in Nicaragua last year and I can tell you think country needs all the help it can get. When I was in San Juan del Sur, a nice little ocean-side town in the south, I met a Taxi driver who was a "Bautista" (Baptist).

The spirit this man had was incredible. Very warm, very open. He said 'Yo soy, completement, enamorado de Dios." (I am completely enamored of God. This came up in a discussion about religion in Nicaragua.

Good stuff. Keep us posted on any progress with this program.


Servant of the Most High wrote:
Great blog, keep up your work for the Lord,

Check out my blog. . .
T. R. Cosby wrote:
Hey David,

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