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Joshua Chapter 1

Posted by: David Carroll

Hear the class lesson on mp3.

It applies to what’s happening in church right now.


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fish oil capsules wrote:
Very Inspiring Chapter ! It has taught me a new way to think about my life. Thanks for the post.
David Morgan wrote:
I like your web site and blog.

Just wanted to say that reading the Bible is so very important. Finding time to spend in the Word of God is probable the best use of your time.

Problem is that people really don't seem to have time to read the Bible as much as they would like to in today's hectic pace.

However, I try to put time aside everyday to read my Bible, If I don’t then I just feel that my day is not complete and I'm not fulfilled. Some people are dedicated to working out, playing golf, and many other things they do all the time.

For me it’s reading my Bible and I would advise the same for everyone. It’s a source of joy and inspiration as well as comfort and encouragement.

God Bless you in your ministry

David Morgan