Creation Resources

Posted by: David Carroll

I created a list of recommended books on Amazon.Com related to Creation
Gap Theory (apologetics rebuttal against)
Answers in
Institute for Creation
In the Beginning, Walt Brown, (online book)
Ten questions to ask your biology teacher about
The Intelligent Design
"Progressive Creationist" Hugh Ross, who is he and what does he believe?

Link Blogs

Posted by: David Carroll

Note that I have removed from the front page the "Notable Links" that I post here from time to time. They are also removed from the main RSS and Atom feeds for those who use aggregators.

Of course they are still available as two separate "Link Blogs" on the menu on the right side. You can subscribe separately to those "Link Blogs" on those pages.

The Misc Link Blog contains items I want to save or find interesting that anybody might find interesting. The Link Blog for Developers contains items that would be of interest only to other software developers.

Just trying to reduce the clutter and noise from the main page.

New Look, works with Firefox too

Posted by: David Carroll

I was informed by a visitor (thanks Matthew!) that the site was not working right with FireFox 2.0 (embarrassed look :-). Anyway, I’ve been working on cleaning up the CSS stylesheets today and it all seems to work now in both browsers. 

That explains the new spartan look. I may dress it up later but it’s growing on me so I may leave it for a while.

Comment Spam and Google juice

Posted by: David Carroll

No big deal but I had to shut down the site for about 36 hours while I put some protection in against comment spam.

GooglesearchSomebody evidently found the site and was using it to post a bunch of links to other sites. Nothing trashy as far as I could tell without clicking on the links but still a bunch of gibberish in the comments. The motivation probably was in hopes of getting some “Google juice.” Google’s page-rank system uses a measurement of the number of sites that link to a given site to measure that site’s importance in the Google search results. The more important the site, the higher up in the search list it goes. So it is not only how many sites link to a site being measured for rank but their relative ranks as well. If a high ranking site links to a site, the linked site will increase in stature in Google’s page-rank system.

I’ve had enough high ranking sites link to me so that David’s Bible Blog makes it to the top of the search results for some queries. For example, if you search for “Bible Blog” (click here to try it) I am number two. And if you search for “David Carroll” (again click here to try it) I am number one!

Comments working now

Posted by: David Carroll

I just found out that there has been a bug in this blog’s software preventing adding new comments to entries . (Thank’s Millie!) You could reply to an existing comment but not add new comments.  But I just fixed it.

Bug fixed

Posted by: David Carroll

I just fixed a bug in the Rss feed in case anyone noticed. Sorry.

Changes on this Blog

Posted by: David Carroll

I’ve redesigned my site and released a major update to my home grown blogging software. Let me know if you run into any problems.

One of the major changes is that I have mixed in with the Bible Blog all of my posts related to software development and miscellaneous interests. After I make a few more changes this week, you’ll be able to subscribe to just certain categories (like Bible related). I think the change will allow readers to see a more complete picture of who I am. I enjoy reading a little about what is going on in people’s lives on their blogs, so from time to time I’ll post a bit about other interests in my life (no long posts or navel gazing, I promise).