This is going to be short and sweet.  Blogging without internet access is a real pain in the neck (no pun intended).  Thank you Bethany for keeping everybody up to date.  Things have not progressed as well as we had hoped, particularly my physical therapy.  Because of the severe pain, I haven’t been able to get out of this bed much at all.  Only twice in fact, and both of those were near disasters.  Pain level is close to 10, much dizziness and sweatiness.  How can anyone be happy and joyful in the hospital for 5 days?  Well, let me count the ways.  My dear, sweet wife is taking care of me.  The food on a scale of 1 to 10 has been a 3, but I actually like 3, but I think I’m actually ready for some junk food.  My doctor has been very liberal with the pain medication, which keeps me doped up pretty much all the time except when I have to do grueling things like physical therapy.  Poor health is actually a very spiritual battle because it forces you to test your own faith, in other words to trust.  I haven’t been doing many devotions, but I’m looking forward to them.  I will say this, the only part of this hospital room I’ve seen is the ceiling, and I’m starting to see things in the ceiling that weren’t there before.  This is depressing.  But thank God for modern day surgery and drugs.  The worst part is when they give me all the “ra-ra” speech about how well I’m doing, and I say getting out of a chair one time with the ability to scream a yell of 10 in pain is not a reason to cheer.  Have a great Lord’s day tomorrow.  Bethany will keep you posted every day or so. 


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