Listen to the Audio: Hebrews 9, January 9, 2005

The typical Christian worship service is very non threatening. A popular term among evangelical Christianity today is "Seeker oriented" worship services. You sure could not apply that term to how the Israelites worshiped. They sacrificed animals, lots of them. They say the blood would run like a river a times. We would be repulsed today at such a bloody religion. Yet, this was not their idea. They practiced their religion according to an exact set of specifications given to Moses. This was God's idea, and He was very serious about it. So how does this relate to us today? Hebrews chapter nine contains some marvelous truths about what Christ did for us in shedding His blood. Listen to learn more about how this chapter of Hebrews reconciles what the Israelites did for worship and how we worship.


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