Between 2001 and 2010, I taught a Creation Science Lecture series at Bellevue Baptist Church in the midweek Disciple Life program. The course was eight lessons over a period of ten weeks either in the spring or the fall. I was asked to do this by David Powell one of the ministers at Bellevue. It was a daunting project to prepare for but it was a topic I found very interesting. I created a Powerpoint slide for each night's topic with a good set of notes to help me do the presentation. In 2007 and 2008, I recorded the audio of each night's hour long talk. By then, I had presented the talks for 7 or so years and I was getting pretty good at delivering the lectures. The sessions were well attended (the first night we usually had 60 - 80 participants and it would dwindle to about 30 or so by the end of the series). 

A few years ago I was cleaning up some old laptops and making sure to preserve any files that I wanted to keep for posterity. I finally stumbled across these audio and powerpoint files and decided that I wanted to reproduce them in video format so that I could publish them for my grandchildren to watch when they get old enough. This meant combining a screenshot video of the slides synchronized with the audio. It takes a few hours to produce a production ready video for each hour long session. To date, I have completed the first four sessions and have four more to start working on to complete the eight hour series.

I am going to publish these to my YouTube channel which currently has woodworking videos and drone footage videos.

My YouTube channel is

The PlayList for the Creation Science series on my channel



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