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Let Us Draw Near

Posted by: David Carroll

Listen to the Audio: Hebrews 10, January 23, 2005

There is a major shift in this chapter dividing the book of Hebrews between doctrine and application. The shift begins with five “Let Us” commands, the first being "Let us draw near to God." This is perhaps the main theme of the book of Hebrews, the idea that we have access to God. It is a blood bought priviledge. We are told that we should draw near with a sincere heart, full assurance, and a guilty conscience cleansed by the word of God. A guilty conscience is debilitating. It will separate friends, steal you happiness, and keep you from God. Psychiatrists know that a guilt complex is the main cause of mental illness. They try to cover the guilt by convincing their patients that they are not to blame. Such a tactic does not work—because we are to blame. The only way to remove guilt is to be forgiven. That is what allows us to draw near to God. It must be a just forgiveness however. If a judge were to forgive all guilty persons who come before him, he would not be just. There is a price and for us, the price was paid by Jesus once and final sacrifice of his body.

There is much more in this chapter. Listen to the podcast to hear more. 

Bloody Religion

Posted by: David Carroll

Listen to the Audio: Hebrews 9, January 9, 2005

The typical Christian worship service is very non threatening. A popular term among evangelical Christianity today is "Seeker oriented" worship services. You sure could not apply that term to how the Israelites worshiped. They sacrificed animals, lots of them. They say the blood would run like a river a times. We would be repulsed today at such a bloody religion. Yet, this was not their idea. They practiced their religion according to an exact set of specifications given to Moses. This was God's idea, and He was very serious about it. So how does this relate to us today? Hebrews chapter nine contains some marvelous truths about what Christ did for us in shedding His blood. Listen to learn more about how this chapter of Hebrews reconciles what the Israelites did for worship and how we worship.

What was the Star of Bethlehem?

Posted by: David Carroll

Watch and listen to the video: Star of Bethlehem, January 2, 2005

There was an ice storm here in Memphis before Christmas so our church canceled all services on December 26, 2004. I had planned to take a break that Sunday with a fun, multi-media talk on the Star of Bethlehem. So we did that on January 2, 2005 instead. The multi-media part was an experiment in how to record and deliver video via the Internet. The challenge was to keep the file size down without sacrificing too much quality. So, this week I am featuring a 42.4 MB download.

If you are interested in astronomy or history and how this can confirm the Biblical text, you might like this one.