Is it possible to concentrate on being meek? I think not. Meekness is a result of focusing on something else other than self. There is no thought of the majesty of God speaking to ME! No pride or thought of self, just listening, ready, aware of His presence. If my mind is not busy with my own preoccupations God can sway my thoughts. Willard quotes from George Mueller:

Meekness is a real preference for God's will. Where this holy habit of mind exists, the whole being becomes so open to impression that, without any outward sign or token, there is an inward recognition and choice of the will of God.God guides, not by a visible sign, but by swaying the judgement. To wait before him, weighing candidly in the scales every consideration for or against a proposed course, and in readiness to see which way the preponderance lies, is a frame of mind and heart in which one is fitted to be guided; and God touches the scales and makes the balance to sway as he will. But our hands must be off the scales, otherwise we need to expect no interposition of his in our favor.

Of course the real problem with this is the liklihood that during a time of weighty decision making, I'll be particularly anxious and less able to maintain such a still and sensitive meekness.

Psalm 25:9

He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.

Father in heaven, help me to apply this to my life, even today. I realize that by asking this, You might even arrange an opportunity to test this. I pray that I will be found meek when you speak.


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