DSC_0648Listening to some old sermons that I had never heard before, I just finished my longest and heaviest workout since, well, maybe since this past summer. I got my heart rate up to 140 sustained  for about 10 minutes but walked for a total 30 minutes. Ten of those minutes were outside but Toby and I had to turn around because it was too cold and windy to stay (for me anyway), so I finished my walk on the treadmill.

That’s an older shot of Toby racing the cars on Walnut Grove road at Shelby Farms when we used to go for a walkabout almost every day there. That’s one of my goals by the way, is to get back in shape where I can do that again. Anyway, the snow shot is appropriate because it snowed about three inches yesterday. Toby was made for cold weather and he he does not need that little red coat that he had on but Delaine made me promise to put it on him.

Back to the workout. After the walk, I found my little dumbbells and got the little six pounders and did some hunched over raises to exercise my shoulders. Then I did three sets of inclined presses at thirty pounds.

I’m going in for my second followup visit with the surgeon this Wednesday and I should become un-shackled from this neck brace I been wearing. And I’m sure we’ll have an interesting conversation about those little white pills I’ve been taking. Actually I’m ready to get off of them and start going drug free. Hey, I’ve managed to stop coffee drinking. That's what the bouts of severe nausea did for me.

I just thought about another thing that could have been affected by the tumor in my spinal cord. Last time I went to the Doc to see about the nausea, my blood pressure was 117 over 75. My blood pressure has never been that low and even with the meds I take it’s usually around 135/90. Could it be that getting rid of that tumor cured that too? Hey, I’m a believer. I give God credit for everything, even if it turns out to be not true.

Now I am going to brave the wind and snow and cold to go get in the hot tub. Ah, just like Colorado! Oh yeah, another goal, ski again!

Thank you Lord, you have blessed me with sweetness of life again and I praise you and desire that you be glorified.


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