Dr. Adrian Rogers, Founder of Love Worth Finding Ministries, Pastor Emeritus of Bellevue Baptist Church and a gifted man of God passed away in to the presence of the Lord early this morning after battling cancer and double pneumonia.

I received the new birth under this man's ministry. My heart is heavy but also rejoicing for a job well done by this good and faithful servant. It was in 1980 that I finally came to truly understand the gospel. I had come close many times before, starting when I was 16 at a Billy Graham Crusade. It was the clarity, confidence and consistency of his preaching that finally reached by ears. Even though he was my Pastor I never got to know him personally. The church was too large and I came back to Memphis too late in his career to get close to him. I don't regret that; I have many men who are mentors to me.

Some will say "how sad" that Pastor Rogers and Joyce could not enjoy their retirement years together.  But I know that Pastor would not want us to feel sad but to find comfort in God's grace which is sufficient for us beyond all that we could ever ask or desire. Pastor Rogers had been asking God for another 15 years of ministry but God's answer was "No, I am ready for you to come home."

My new Pastor, Steve Gaines, is unquestionably God's chosen man for our church at this stage. He is truly an Elisha to Pastor Roger's Elijah. Thank You Lord for both of these men who are so used of You.

I will remember Pastor Rogers but I won't miss him really became his voice will continue to resonate until Christ comes for the rest of us.


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