Friday night, I boasted about stepping up the pace on my walk that I was going to do Saturday. Well here it is Sunday afternoon and I just got around to taking that Saturday, stepped-up walk. I did walk a little further and perhaps a little faster for a total of about thirty minutes. Toby (my dog) had a great time running rings around me. Regardless, I am a tired and somewhat hurting puppy myself. I have to keep in mind it was only a week ago that I started out for ten minutes on my treadmill.

Now, about the hurting part. It’s my neck. I guess it is trying to hold it upright to look ahead instead of down. When I was back in the hospital doing my lap around the floor using a walker, I remember asking when I would get my own walker to take home with me. I really thought I needed one the way I felt. Nancy told me: “nope, you don’t want a walker. If you got dependent on that you would end up with a permanent crook in your neck from looking down.” Now it all makes sense. My recovery is not just about getting back in shape, but it is about getting all those muscles in my neck, back and shoulders working again.

I think I’ll relax a while and then get in the hot tub while listening to another one of Don Whitney’s sermons. (It’s cool, I take my iPod nano and clip it to my cap and I can sink right down in to the hot water without worrying about the iPod.)


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