In a recent series on "How we got our Bible" that I am teaching for my Bible Fellowship Class, we talked about the authority of scripture and why it is under attack.

There is an authority crisis in our country today. Parental, marital, political, academic, ecclesiastical authority are all being challenged. A disturbing trend in morality indicators began in 1963. Divorce, acceptance of homosexuality, school discipline problems, teenage pregnancies, abortion, crime rates all began to decline. What happened in 1963? Prayer was taken out of public schools. In fact all religious influence was removed from any state sponsored institution.

Basically there are two world views: we are the result of a cosmic accident or a deliberate act of creation. Any worldview must answer four questions: "Who am I?", "Where did I come from?", "Where am I going?" and "Who am I accountable to?"

Anyone who holds the first view would have no answer for those questions. That third question is the one that causes everyone to go into denial. If you believe the Bible is the Word of God then you know the answers.

Challenging Authority is nothing new. The main seed plot of the entire bible started in the first dialog recorded in scripture. God's word was challenged when the serpent asked Eve "Hath God said?"

Freedom does not come from escaping authority. True freedom derives from an accountability to the creator. This very principle is embodied in our Declaration of Independence. In that document we have our rights granted by God not by the state which exists to uphold those rights. This is why the first thing world socialists have to do is to remove God from our state sponsored institutions so that the government can grant rights and hence power.

More later on the topic of "How we got our Bible"


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