I feel like I have gotten a lot done this week. I had another great class Wednesday Night and folks came up afterwards and asked some great questions. The last two days, I have had some long meetings with various people and my stamina continues to improve. One thing I just realized today is not only have I not had any low-back pain since my surgery but I have not noticed any arthritis pain in my left hip which was almost as painful as the sciatica pain I was having. In fact I was even considering a hip replacement. Now I still have to qualify that I am still on drugs (less and less amounts every week though), so I can’t speak definitively but I can say that I am believing God has used this last, providential surgery to completely heal me of the things that have afflicted me so much for the last three years including my arthritis.

I did discover Wednesday Night when I forgot to take a pain pill and also several mornings this week when I would wake up after all the pain medicine had worn off that my neck and shoulders are still hurting. Understandable though, because I still just seven weeks out from the surgery.

Thank you Lord for all you have done for me and I pray that it will all be to glorify your name through my testimony for You.


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