I was doing some database maintenance trying to copy over some new stored procedures and I inadvertently copied over an old data table of all my blog entries and I lost about two weeks of entries between 7/24/03 and 8/10/03. I was able to get back a few from Goggle's cache of my pages and from my RSS aggregator cache. Also I was able to find all the titles from feedster's cache.

All I can say is Praise the Lord! I get to go back and try to recreate those! Maybe God has something for me in those scriptures that I missed the first time.

I thought I'd ask if any of you readers have some of these entries still on your aggregators. I would appreciate if you'd email them to me. I'd be grateful.


(Now I gotta go blog about today's reading... the tyranny of time!)

UPDATE I was able to find all of the entries on Google's cache! Thank you Lord! (oh yeah, and Google too :-)

(Now, back to today's blog...)


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