NautilusI felt pretty good this afternoon so I was ready for a bit of walking. It was too cold outside so I went upstairs to do the treadmill. I have nice Nautilus weight machine sitting there which has gone unused since before my lumbar fusion surgery in May of last year. I’ve told you all about my continuing pain in my neck and shoulders. So on the way past the weight machine toward the treadmill I get the bright idea to do some inclined presses to give those hurting shoulders a bit of a workout. Normally I’d put about 60 lbs on there to do three sets of ten reps. Well I smartly think I should start out easy and put it on thirty lbs. I could not budge it. So I try twenty lbs. I get eight very shaky reps in before giving up. I did eight more later. This is not just out of shape, this is major muscle damage and rehab time. But I know I need to start slow and easy. It’s now hours later and I can already feel that good feeling that comes from purposely exercising muscles.

The treadmill went great, I gradually pushed the speed up to 2.7 MPH and still could not get my heartbeat past 125 for ten minutes. I’m pleased with that. I even walked Toby out in the cold for another ten minutes later on tonight. That’s just a couple of weeks after getting on the treadmill for the first time since surgery.

I’m going to get over this thing and be good as a 54 year old man can be. Of course that is if the Lord is willing. I pray Lord that you are but only if it will glorify you.


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